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All of our projects are currently being reviewed please standby for new showcases.

With experience in all levels of educational environments, from small teaching spaces right through to the  most complex of large lecture theatres and collaborative learning spaces, AAVC can produce a design that best suits your exact teaching requirements.

Education Environments

High level high pressure meetings require the right AV system to match the environment. Working closely with interior designers to maintain the rooms aesthetics, while delivering  high end audio and video results  can only come from many  years of experience and the ability think outside the square.

Each boardroom design has to be assessed  right from the very beginning with the due respect to the design and firm grasp on the desired outcomes.

AAVC can assist not only in the AV design but the also with the room acoustics and treatments to ensure the audio delivery is above and beyond expectations.


Big impact systems run the risk of being just a big screen unless the complete design leverages the technology correctly. With constant advancements in the available technologies  it is important to make sure that all technology is assessed on it merit and used to its full advantage.

Video walls and entry systems

All images are of projects that have been designed and or projected managed by Dion Tilley.

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