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The Principal (Dion Tilley)  began his career as an Electrician branching first into electrical engineering and then into Audio Visual. Working as a technician, he has had the good fortune to work on a great variety of projects, from small office/home and club fitouts to top end university and sport event projects.

Moving progressively up through the industry onto more exciting and intense projects the principal was afforded the opportunity to move into Project Management and Design Engineering. After working on two Olympic Games projects he took on a role at an exciting new company in Sydney and worked on growing not only the projects but the talent pool in that company.

After five years that company had grown from two men to one of the top 5 companies in Sydney. He finished his time there as the Sales and Operations Manager having a hand in every aspect of the business from initial design right through to commissioning and handover.

To broaden his horizons Dion joined a company that was an industry leader specialising  in University applications, spending a number of years growing the client base and fine tuning his approach to design in another market sector.  He was an integral player in driving this company to become one the biggest and most respected in the Sydney market!

After many years in his chosen industry Dion has moved into consulting. He decided to make this move as it became increasingly obvious that the needs of clients were not being adequately serviced with the small number of consultants in the Sydney market.

After working on hundreds of specifications prepared by other consultants, he has a keen understanding of a how a specification needs to be prepared. He understands what is needed in order for it to be clear about the client's requirements, as well as easy for the contractor to price and understand how and what will need to be delivered as a finished product.

With the ability to call on his vast 20 years experience in every aspect of AV and huge contact base within the industry, AAVC can confidently and systematically approach any project and deliver to highest quality outcomes to meet the end users requirements.



Video over Ethernet has been around for a while with varying degrees of success. With Harman purchasing both AMX and SVSI this technology just hit main stream.  Watch this space to see how aggresive they become in the Australian Market.


“We hired Dion to design and complete a complex videoconferencing and audio video integration project in Sydney. He exceeded our expectation at each step of the project and did an excellent job of working with our US-based designers and our Australian clients. I highly recommend him and would hire him again without hesitation.”

Mark Duckworth Whitlocks


With the prices of LED/LCD screens plummeting and the sizes going through the roof will there come a day when the projector is no longer relevant in a meeting room or boardroom. Projector manufacturers are hoping that LED projector lamps will give us renewed faith in their products. We will keep a close eye on both and reserve our judgment ......for a little while.

HDBaseT enables a single LAN cable to replace multiple cables and connectors in the home entertainment and business environment.


Many current available display devices are looking to HDBaseT as the interface for the future. Most currently available switching solutions have an offering in the HDBaseT realm. 


We cannot see this trend slowing down as it is a solid platform and easy to build from. 


Video Over Ethernet

“Dion has always been a pleasure to work with. He is very focused in what he does and his level of work is second to none.”

Greg Heath RGB Integration

“I have been associated with Dion in his role as sales and operations manager at Wizard Projects, VisionX and Precision INdustries for several years, I had previously worked with Dion at Greater Union, He is a highly motivated and skilled engineer who has quickly risen to the top in his chosen field, I would have no hesitation in recommending Dion to any company requiring specialised Audio Visual Integration services.”

Les Jones Madison Technologies


Hiperwall makes it simple to build high performance, scalable video wall from ordinary computers, ordinary monitors and an ordinary LAN. Hiperwall lets you view any combination of content type.


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